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The 7 disciplines that drive performance and improve organizational capabilities

A company's product and service mix, along with value differentiation, allows it to thrive and grow in the marketplace.



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Product and service mix, along with value differentiation, drives what a company needs in terms of organizational capabilities.  Each of the value chain functions show below are defined by a company's product and service positioning.

Our services and engagements focus on the business as an ecosystem.  We leverage multiple disciplines, including organizational design, to help you drive performance improvements.  When the right disciplines are combined together, success rates can multiply more than 2X.  Partnering with Alonos can provide you with added confidence that you will achieve your business performance targets.  

Wherever we can, we like to use facilitated team workshops.  We have found that using this approach at several steps in the engagement helps to generate the best ideas, gain buy-in, and drive adoption.